How Physical Retailers Are Using AI To Improve Customer Experience


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Artificial Intelligence is becoming commonplace across major industries and retail is no exception. – (NewsUSA)

The retail industry is looking for ways to keep up with the times, and many businesses have begun implementing AI technology throughout the entire product and service cycle-from assembly to post-sale customer service interactions.

Major distributors such as Walmart, Sephora, Walgreens, North Face, Uniqlo, West Elm, and Macy’s use AI to improve customer experiences in their shops while also enhancing safety.

AI Applications in Retail

How Physical Retailers Are Using AI To Improve Customer Experience
By Mike Mozart –, CC BY 2.0,

While hardware giant Lowe’s uses tiny robots to offer instructions and assist customers in navigating a big hardware store, Walgreens utilizes technology to monitor flu occurrence based on customer locations picking up prescriptions so they can alert customers to their area’s flu activity and store more flu-related products.

Another instance is the cosmetic company Sephora, which now utilizes AI technology in many of its shops to scan the faces of customers and assist them in choosing the ideal colour of blush, lipstick, or eyeliner without having to test various products.

Meanwhile, by integrating the latest AI technology, a Walmart store in New York is becoming the “store of the future” The intelligent cameras of the store will be able to warn employees when products are out of inventory and even let them know when a lot of bananas have gone badly.

Providing a Customizable Retail Experience

Artificial intelligence is used for everything from preparing packages in stores to improving safety to developing a tailored experience for consumers.

One company that is delivering solutions to retail and security is VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY) (OTC:VSBGF). VSBLTY is at the forefront of making AI work in the retail space, developing innovative facial recognition software and interactive digital screens that will provide retailers with a multitude of AI features.

VSBLTY’s VisionCaptor content management system delivers interactive messages to any digital screen and offers insights into consumer demographics and emotional state, enabling real-time involvement with customers.

By commanding the attention of customers with vibrant digital displays, custom content can be given depending on what the display camera “sees,” while gaining precious ideas in real-time.

By engaging digital assets such as animations, pictures, videos, and multimedia content, VSBLTY software generates a full customer experience through digital displays that can be used in transit hubs, entertainment and sports venues, grocery stores, drug stores, and, indeed, any retail environment.

Moreover, VSBLTY’s VisionCaptor can be incorporated with other techniques, including RSS feeds, QR codes, and Bluetooth.

“Using Edge- and/or Cloud-enabled digital display solutions, retailers can now enhance the guest experience with proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging triggered by demographics, identity or even sentiment, while simultaneously gaining groundbreaking levels of measurement and actionable insights,” according to the company’s website.

Offering Improved Security Features

VSBLTY has also created security-enhancing AI solutions.

VSBLTY Vector focuses on safety alternatives that combine video screens with facial recognition software and criminal databases to recognize “persons of interest” or people carrying guns.

Cameras are integrated into screens and can more efficiently recognize people alone or in crowds than overhead cameras, allowing for demographic and emotional recognition as well as facial and object recognition.

By teaching machines how to interpret their surroundings skillfully, VSBLTY software can contextualize all data about those environments and offer it for the specific safety application to the end-user vetted and streamlined.

VSBLTY is traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange, OTC, and Frankfurt with the symbols CSE: VSBY, OTC: VSBGF, and Frankfurt:5VS.

The Last Word

While some of the above applications of AI seem scary, considering how AI can be easily misused in the wrong hands.

Cybercriminals and hackers incrementally use AI to launch even more sophisticated attacks. They also use AI to perform their own research and find corporate loopholes.

AI cannot be given full power as this can lead to chaos. While it can detect anomalies or deviations, these may, in some cases, be absolutely normal. While they can be flagged, the final decision must be with a human being who can also contextualize the data.


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Anirudh Muley
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