Elon Musk Wants to Combine AI and Humans with Neuralink


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Tech visionary Elon Musk disclosed late Tuesday that his secret Neuralink startup is making headway on an interface that links human brains with computers. Musk said they’re hoping to start testing on people from next year.

Since time immemorial, Musk has argued that a neural lace meshing minds with machines is crucial. If people want to avoid being so outdated by artificial intelligence that, under the best of circumstances, humans would be like “house cats.”

Musk and Neuralink’s team have made progress on their project to recruit talent in software, robotics, neuroscience, and much more at a San Francisco event.

“Ultimately, we can do a full brain-machine interface,” Musk said.

“Achieve a sort of symbiosis with artificial intelligence.”

Neuralink revealed an early version of a tiny sensor with hair-thin strands that a robot constructed for the high-precision task could implant into a brain through a small incision.

“They are tiny electrodes, and the robot is delicately implanting them,” Musk said that thousands of brain-connected electrodes could exist.

“This is something that is not going to be stressful to put in; it will work well, and it is wireless.”

The chip communicates wirelessly with an earpiece which, according to Neuralink, transmits data to a smartphone app.

The aim, for now, is to let an implant-possessed individual control a smartphone, but it may ultimately extend to other devices, like robotic arms.

“This has tremendous potential,” Musk added.

“We hope to have this in a human patient before the end of next year.”

The team is using the technology early on to deal with brain conditions and paralysis. However, the longer goal is ensuring that implants are so secure, reliable, and simple that they can be optional surgery choices for people wanting to enhance their brains using computing power, according to a Neuralink team neurosurgeon.

Musk said that the objective was to make it as easy to add brain-enhancing implants as laser eye surgery.

“I’ve said a lot about AI over the years; I think that even in a benign scenario, we will be left behind,” Musk said.

“With a high bandwidth brain-machine interface, we can actually go for the ride and have the option of merging with AI. This is very important.”


Anirudh Muley
Anirudh Muley
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