Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Shows Up At Samsung’s Unpacked Event


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On Wednesday at Galaxy Unpacked 2019, Samsung took a distinct path as the phone giant caught the crowd in surprise by inviting Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to the stage.

Earlier last week, we discussed how Samsung and Microsoft are tying up in a big way across various products and services.

Samsung announced yesterday its new flagship Note 10 phone, with features for Windows 10 to bridge the gap between computers and smartphones.

The Verge said Note 10 has “more Microsoft in it than any other Android phone,” in it, with several indigenous applications, including Outlook, OneDrive, and Your Phone, which enables users to make and receive calls from, among other functions of their Windows 10 device.

In the past, Samsung and Microsoft have collaborated but yesterday’s announcements double down on that fact. It is remarkable considering the Microsoft difficulties with its smartphone business and the connection between Samsung and other technology giants.

And it is a move away from five years ago when Microsoft sued Samsung for a licensing deal for Android patents.

Microsoft will sell the Note 10 around the globe at Microsoft Store locations. The new Galaxy Book S, created in collaboration with Microsoft and Qualcomm, was also presented by Samsung. For more information, see Microsoft’s blog article.


Anirudh Muley
Anirudh Muley
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