MacOS Catalina: New Features; How To Install Apple iOS 13 Public, iPadOS-Beta


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Apple has published iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and Catalina public beta releases. For an initial look at fresh software, users can choose to enroll in the beta program.

The first public beta of the iOS 13 has been released by Apple, along with iPadOS and MacOS Catalina, a week after its release from iOS 13. The public beta iOS 13 original release announced in July is now possible through the Apple beta website and can be downloaded from your devices by those interested in testing the early version.

Apple’s iOS 13 was officially released previously this month at the WWDC conference in San Jose, California. Because this is a beta update, bugs and other problems will occur within the software. Apple warns consumers of government beta mistakes and mistakes and recommends downloading beta software on a secondary device.

The stable version of iOS 13 will be available to download as an OTA update in September 2019 when the new iPhones are released.

Apple iOS 13 public beta new features

The new OS involves several updates and upgrades including Dark Mode added, the new Reminders app, Memoji upgrades, a fresh Photo app, a fresh HUD re-designed volume and more. In addition to the e-mail address used to verify user credentials, the iOS 13 includes the’ Sign with Apple ‘ feature, a new privacy tool with Apple ID.

The update on iOS 13 also includes updated file apps, home display updates, Safari upgrades, audio update for Siri and more.

Apple iOS 13 public beta supported devices and how to install

Apart from other older iPhones like iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and iPod touch (7th generation), Apple iOS 13 public Beta will be available on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

Users need to go to install the public iOS 13 beta. You will need to register with your Apple ID once you’re here. The full link is –

Once you have registered your device. On the top right next to the guide, you will see a tab which says Enroll your devices. Before downloading the profile, Apple suggests you complete back-up of your iOS device.

You can then go to on your iOS device on your iPhone and download the settings profile. When the profile is downloaded, the iOS device will notify you. To enable installation, tap the profile and obey the on-screen commands. The software update can be seen and installed as soon as the user restarts his machine.

Apple iPadOS 13

The iPadOS 13 has a new home display and a new interface for cut, copy, paste and undo activities. The iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, 2017 iPad, 2018 iPad, iPad Mini 4 and all iPad Pro will be published.

Users have to follow the same steps as on iOS to install iPadOS. Once again after enrolling the device, they will have to install the profile by going to

MacOS Catalina

On the Apple Macs, MacOS Catalina is going to be running. Mac users can execute iPad applications with this software and download them from the Mac App Store. The software also allows users to use an iPad as a second screen and users can use an iPad as an Apple Pencil writer pad.

Apple suggests that customers use a secondary machine to install the beta. They should also back up all files with the Time Machine app, which is built-in backup utility for all Macs.

Apple says users will access public beta software once they sign up for their Mac using the macOS Public Beta Access Utility .. To download the tool and to run the installer simply click on the link below.


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