Apple WWDC 2019 Major Announcements

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During the recently-concluded Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the multinational technology giant announced many new exciting features they have in store for this year. Easily one of the most anticipated events of the year, this annual event showcases Apple’s latest technologies and newest developments.

Here is a recap of Apple’s major announcements during WWDC 2019:

  • iOS 13

iOS 13 was unveiled during the event, with great new features such as Dark Mode, quicker app launches, faster face ID, and a swipe to type keyboard feature called Quick Path. The brand-new OS also has new sharing suggestions for Messages. It allows users to automatically share their name and photo or even a customized Animoji or Memoji. This makes it easier to identify the person in the Messages thread. There are many other new things about the iOS 13 that technology enthusiasts are excited about including Siri’s new and more natural voice, the new Notes Gallery View, the live lyrics feature in Music, and AirPods, which lets Siri read incoming messages as soon as they are sent.

  • macOS Catalina

The newest version of the macOS, dubbed macOS Catalina, has three brand new features, which Apple is calling the “future of iTunes.” There will be no more iTunes App in macOS Catalina. Instead, it will be replaced with three media apps. The first app is Apple Music, which will provide full access to playlists, music videos, downloaded songs, and more. The Apple TV app will be the same as it is on tvOS, and Apple Podcasts can now have synchronized content across all Apple devices. There is also an extended display for Mac called Sidecar, which is a way of using the iPad as an extended display, using an Apple Pencil to draw on the iPad and then transferring the same artwork into an editing program.

  • iPadOS

iPad is slowly on its way to becoming a viable laptop replacement, especially when the new iPad OS was unveiled. This new version is specifically designed for larger screens. The Home Screen is now designed with a brand-new layout that shows more apps on each page. iPadOS also has an updated its Split View feature. This lets its users work with multiple files and documents from the same app at the same time. Just like the iOS 13, iPadOS also has a new Dark Mode feature, mouse support in its Accessibility settings, and about 30 additional keyboard shortcuts.

  • WatchOS 6

The Apple WatchOS 6 has a lot of fun and useful features, too. The Apple Watch now has more functions such as a calculator and voice memos.  The Apple WatchOS also introduced a lot of new health and fitness capabilities. The Activity app has a new Activity Trends feature which tracks progress over time. There is also a new Noise App, which users can use using the Apple Watch in order to monitor the decibel level of a certain place. Another of its new features is a menstrual tracking app, which provides a simple and discreet way to visualize one’s cycle.  It also gives notifications when a period is about to begin.  


Anirudh Muley
Anirudh Muley
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