Galaxy Note 10 Launch: Samsung Finally Gets Rid Of The 3.5mm Headphone Jack


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Samsung has unveiled a new range of Galaxy Note smartphones, including one with its largest ever screen, as the Korean giant is trying to get ahead of the arrival in September of Apples’ new iPhone.

The company revealed two device sizes, Note 10, Note 10+, each of which has a 6.3-inch and 6.8-inch display. In an effort to start the next generation of mobile networks it will also launch a 5G-compatible Note 10+ version.

The Galaxy Note 10 begins at $950, and the larger Note 10+ starts at $1,100. That means that the Galaxy S10 smartphone is just a little cheaper — from $900 to $1,000—but not very much. (The iPhone XS also has the $1,000 base price.) Both new Notes will be available from 23 August.

Samsung led the development of large-screen “phablet” phones with its note phones previously this decade but concentrated more on productivity features as other smartphone manufacturers followed with large-screened handsets.

The essential characteristic of Note 10 is an upgrade to its S Pen stylus that allows the device to react to gestures in mid-air. Users can swipe, zoom and skip songs using the S Pen as a “wand” that connects via Bluetooth to the phone.

Galaxy Note 10 Launch: Samsung Finally Gets Rid Of The 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Source: Samsung

Note 10 is the first headphone jack-free Note device. Samsung has stuck steadily to the audio port, removed from the iPhone by Apple three years ago, which resulted in a wave of eulogies for wired headphones.

The only other device without a headphone jack is Galaxy Fold, the folding phone by Samsung, which has been delayed because of quality control problems.

The new phones are also equipped with a “notch” display layout that includes a single-lens camera in the top centre of the screen. The structure implies that the Note 10 screen takes the whole face of the device, except for the camera’s tiny hole.

The Note 10 features three cameras at the rear that enhance long-range photos, and the Note 10+ has a 4th “depth of field” rear camera that can be used for Augmented Reality and other functionalities.

Samsung also has tried to overdo rival iPhones by embracing 5G technology, the new faster innovation in mobile data that allows users to download movies or games on the current 4G network for a fraction of the moment.

Samsung says it’s pushing boundaries, and Note10 users will be able to “do things with this device they can’t do anywhere else,” as Suzanne De Silva, Samsung’s head of mobile product strategy and marketing, said a week before the phone was unveiled.

Some elements of this are true, though in many ways this phone’s biggest leaps — 5G support, gesture controls, even built-in AR applications — are still a long way from being embraced by the masses.

The new devices are shipping with Google’s Android 9 Pie OS, running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 mobile chip, a 64-bit octa-core,7-nanometer processor. This chip can also be integrated with a Qualcomm X50 5 G modem, which makes it possible to upgrade to a Galaxy Note10+ 5G version— whenever, of course, 5G networks are completely functional.


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