Google Announces A Lightweight Android Photo Gallery App, Gallery Go


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Google is launching a new mobile app which uses machine learning to help users organize photos on their device — no internet access necessary.

The app is called Gallery Go, and it is available on Android devices and efficiently brings many of the best “smart” characteristics of Google Photos to offline mode.

In recent years, Google’s cloud-based photo storage service has been given a lot of AI-based capabilities, including a feature that automatically rotates pictures in the right direction. Google Photos also arranges the best photos for albums, and even groups your pet photos together.

Google is seeking to increase Google Photos’ popularity to millions of more users with Gallery Go.

The web giant introduced the new lightweight app (10 MB) for lower-end phones as a stand-alone app at its third annual Google for Nigeria event.

While the app is preinstalled on some phones, such as the latest Itel S15 smartphone, it can be downloaded from the Play Store for devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher.

Photo Organization

Gallery Go can arrange pictures into groups based on the subject or the object in the frame. Although in some markets – such as the European Union (EU) – face recognition feature may not be available owing to the privacy laws. Categories like “pets” or “nature” are automatically separated into galleries.

Google Announces A Lightweight Android Photo Gallery App, Gallery Go

It also supports SD cards so that users can transfer photos to Gallery Go from their phone.

Gallery Go can also tweak an image automatically to enhance its appearance, and a standard range of filters is available to improve the image manuallyIn the recent past, Gallery Go is one of the “light” Go branded applications that Google launched. Including YouTube Go, in dozens of markets (but not the US), the Google Go search app and Google Maps Go, which are accessible worldwide.

Google Announces A Lightweight Android Photo Gallery App, Gallery Go

All of these applications fit into Google’s grand strategy to target the “next billion” web consumers. Although, the company has obviously seen Gallery Go and others as worthy of access to everybody.

“Gallery Go helps first-time smartphone owners easily find, edit, and manage photos, without the need for access to high-speed internet or cloud backup,” said Google Photos product manager Ben Greenwood in a blog post.


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