Google I/O ’19: Pixel 3a, Pixel 3XL Launched, Starting at 399 USD: Key Announcements

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Google search to include AR Search and Shopping directly from search.

Search results to show 3D images of the topic/object being searched for.

Google Lens to be integrated into assistant, photos.

Google Lens to live translate with voice shoutout in the native language.

Live Translate to work on budget phones. To use less than 100kb data.

Google Duplex Web

Duplex extended to rental car booking and movie reservation.

Google Assistant deep learning has enabled faster load times and processing time.


Next-gen Assistant on device claims to be 10 times faster.

To perform chain tasks in a row and multi-task across apps without having to say Hey Google.

Smart Compose emails using voice assistant.

To be available on Pixel phones to be announced later this year.

Google Assistant on Android auto and Waze to have assisted driving mode.

Privacy Enhancements


  1. Tap on the profile photo to view privacy settings anywhere
  2. Choose autodelete period
  3. Incognito mode in maps
  4. Android phone can be used as a security key

Live Caption to work over all types of apps and does not need an internet connection.

Live Relay technology to help people with speech disabilities to answer voice calls using smart replies.

Live Transcribe and Project Euphonia to help people with speech impairments to train a voice assistant.


Android 10

  1. Focus on Innovation — foldable displays multitasking and screen continuity
  2. Security and privacy
  3. Digital well-being — Focus mode in Android P Q

Dark theme to be launched on Android Q

Faster security updates over the air once available in the background.

Parental controls to connect family devices. Set bedtimes and time limits on apps with bonus time.

Google Home rebranded to Nest Home

Nest Hub Max display with Google Duo. Use gestures to pause play media. Starts at $229.

Nest Hub at $129

Pixel: 3a and 3axl

Starting at $399

Two-tone looks exactly like Pixel to be available in:

  • just black
  • clearly white
  • purple-ish
  1. Bluetooth 5.0
  2. Software Optimized camera
  3. Night Sight
  4. Portrait mode
  5. Super Res Zoom
  6. Free Google Photos backup
  7. Squeeze to open Assistant
  8. Call Screening
  9. Google AR Maps with walking arrow directions
  10. Battery life — Adaptive battery 30 hours
  11. 18-watt fast charger
  12. 3 years of software and security updates

..and a headphone jack!!!

imageOh Jack, where have you been?


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