Google Releases Chrome 76 For Windows, Mac, and Linux

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Google’s Chrome web browser published Version 76 today. Users can update their browser to the recent release by using the integrated updater on the browser. From today, version No. 76.0.3809.87 is Chrome’s most recent.

Although there’s no significant design/UI change, there are a few noteworthy updates.

Incognito Mode Detection

Chrome 76 involves fixes to avoid the detection of Incognito browsing by websites through the FileSystem API.

Google said that sites should maintain their fire and respect user privacy before taking “reactive measures” such as deploying new detection methods in Incognito Mode.

Chrome 76 also modified Chrome’s interpretation of Escape key presses. This update is being rolled out in order to make it harder for sites that are shady to open unwanted popups, Google said in May.

Adobe Flash’s Demise Imminent

To begin with, any modifications to Adobe Flash per site are now ignored, starting with Chrome 76.

That means if a user has earlier enabled Flash for a website, that setting will no longer be recalled as it used to be.

From Chrome 76 onwards, every time you visit and every time you run Chrome, users will need to re-enable Flash for every site you visit. This makes the entire playback of Flash content, a trial.

This change is in line with a long-term plan for Google to phase out Flash by the end of 2020. With the launch of v55, by December 2016 Chrome changed to ‘HTML5 by default.’ From then on, users had to enable Flash to run per site.

Switch Light or Dark Mode

It is now possible for websites to automatically use CSS code to detect whether the operating system uses a dark or light theme and make the corresponding switch to their layout.

For instance, if a MacOS user is on a dark theme while using a website, the website could switch to a dark theme as well, to match the OS theme.

  • Detailed Chrome security updates can be found here
  • Detailed Chromium open-source browser changes here.
  • Some of the main developer-centric modifications are described here by Google technicians.
  • Chrome 76 developer-centric deprecations and feature removals.


Anirudh Muley
Anirudh Muley
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