Google’s Latest Tweet Confirms Face Unlock & Soli Gestures On The Pixel 4


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Google left everyone flummoxed when it tweeted out a teaser for the Pixel 4 back in June 2019.

Today, Google again revealed certain features that were in the rumour mill for a while. Face Unlock and Soli gestures will indeed feature in the Pixel 4.

Motion Sense

“Motion Sense,” is a feature developed by the ATAP (Advanced Technology And Projects) team, supported by Soli. We’ve heard that the Pixel 4 has a kind of motion-sense air gesture, and that’s just that.

The sensor is at the top of the Pixel 4, sensing tiny movements around the device. It can recognize particular gestures together with software algorithms.

You can use gestures to skip songs, snooze alarms, silence a call, and more. Google says this feature is limited to “select Pixels” probably because of regulatory barriers to the approval of Soli’s radar frequencies in some countries.

The sensors and cameras enabling Motion Sense and face unlock in Pixel 4
Source: Google

Face Unlock

It was long-rumoured that the Pixel line would embrace a safer face unlock strategy comparable to the iPhone. Google’s engineering Face Unlock on Pixel 4 is a little different from other devices. You won’t be required to lift the phone up and hold it to your face to unlock the phone.

When your hand reaches for the phone, the Soli Hardware will enable the Face Unlock sensors. Therefore, before you lift it, it’s prepared to go and can recognize the face and unlock the phone in one movement.

This new Face Unlock method is safe enough for mobile payments and App authentication. As opposed to previous versions that have featured in Android for some time. Face Unlock performs every processing of the device’s face recognition, so that image data never leaves your phone.

Google clearly states that the images used for Face Unlock and the sensor data of Soli are never shared or saved by Google. The data is stored in the Titan M safety chip of the Pixel.

It is worth noting from the above image there is no wide-angle selfie camera. The Face Unlock and Soli Hardware seem to have left no room for a second selfie camera.


Anirudh Muley
Anirudh Muley
Anirudh is the Editor in Chief and Main Writer at Clickdotme. He does not like describing himself in the third-person and had a hard time coming up with these two sentences!

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